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Our mission

To provide organic and quality spices to international and local communities through online communication. all products are fresh from the farms , this shop is owned by experienced cooking class company in Zanzibar, Tangawizi cooking class uses various spices in its cooking, the recipes are delicious, from this reason we believe food is tasty with spice and also can be therapeutic.   

Order your spices and herbs now , minimum one kg if you are out of Tanzania.

Spices , Herbs and dehydrated fruits

. We deliver spices, herbs and dehydrated fruits, our products do not contain artificial contents, we assure you quality and organic food from Zanzibar spice online shop.
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Spices with  shipping included

Green Cardamom  1kg $65.00 

Black Pepper  1kg S88.00

Nutmeg   1kg $160

Vanilla 1kg $469.00

Turmeric  1kg $60.00

Cumin 1kg $72.00

Coriander 1kg $95.00

Cinnamon  1kg $63.00

Red Curry  1kg $67.00

Star Anise  1kg $ 84.00

Cloves  1kg $86.00

Garlic pieces 1kg $62.00

Dried hot Chilli 1 kg $65.00

Zanzibar baby Bay Leaves 1 kg $69.00

Dill powder 1 kg $75.00

Fenugreek 1kg $75.00

White Pepper  1 kg  $155.00

Lemon grass  1 kg $75.00

Chicken Curry Masala 1 kg $84.00

Fish masala 1 kg $85.00

Meat masala  1 kg  $85.00

Tea Masala 1 kg $73.00 

Vanilla Coffee 1 kg $85.00

Cardamom tea 1 kg  $85.00

Zanzibar Online Spices Shop

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